Can Weeds Grow on Artificial Turf in Sacramento?

Why Artificial Grass Is Great at Fighting Weeds

Weeds are a part of life for anyone who has a natural lawn. The very things that nourish grass – sunlight, water and soil – also nourish weeds. But unlike delicate grass, weeds are tough. They can take root in any environment and thrive in the most extreme conditions, making them hard to get rid of once they’ve taken hold. Worse, fighting weeds usually involves chemical-based weed killers, which can be harmful to the environment and your family. If you want to go the toxin-free route, get ready for a backbreaking weekend of hand-weeding. That’s why so many Sacramento homeowners have switched to artificial grass. Unlike natural grass, which requires an ongoing battle against weeds, artificial turf in Sacramento is exceptionally good at combating weeds. Let’s take a closer look.

4 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Is Great at Fighting Weeds

An entire artificial turf system is designed to discourage weeds. This includes the materials used to make turf, the installation system, and other elements.

1. Clearing the Ground Removes Seeds

Before the turf is laid, the ground needs to be cleared of existing vegetation, roots, and other debris. This creates a level surface for the artificial grass. During this process, any weeds present and their seeds are removed from the area, reducing the risk of new weeds appearing.

Weed killers may also be applied depending on the severity of the weed problem. This first phase gets rid of the majority of weeds and helps prevent new ones from taking root.

2. Durable Materials Block Out Sunlight

The base layer of artificial turf in Sacramento is made of a permeable fabric. This fabric blocks out natural light and stops weeds from growing through the grass.

The artificial turf blades are also made of a durable, highly-resistant material. This prevents them from being damaged or pulled up by weeds, making it much harder for new ones to take hold.

3. Installation Method Prevents Weeds

The installation of artificial turf also plays a role in controlling weeds. The edges of the turf are tucked into a special base using nails or staples to secure it in place. Any small gaps that can act as entry points for weeds are filled with sand or a special infill.

4. Zero Nutrients for Weeds

One of the biggest weed-control benefits of artificial turf installation in Sacramento is that it has no nutrients for weeds. Weeds need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to survive and grow, but there are no such nutrients in artificial turf. This means there’s nothing for weeds to “feed” on, making it extremely difficult for them to grow and thrive.

Together, these factors make it much easier to keep weeds at bay with artificial grass installation in Sacramento. They also help eliminate grass awns plus grow flowers without worrying about weeds taking over.

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