Can Dogs Destroy Artificial Grass?

Stand Up to Your Dog's Play with Durable Artificial Grass - sacramento

Dogs love to dig, chew, run, scratch, and play rough. It’s enough to make you skeptical that synthetic materials could withstand your pet’s antics. 


However, today’s premium turf technology stands up admirably against everything energetic dogs dish out. When manufactured and installed properly, artificial grass for pets not only survives dogs, but retains its flawless appearance for years.

3 Dog-Resistant Features of Artificial Grass

The top artificial grass products are engineered precisely for durability against energetic dogs. It starts with these elements:

Artificial Turf Material


Quality synthetic turf for pets uses polyethylene or polypropylene grass blades that are resistant to shredding from scratching and chewing. These materials also retain shape well rather than flattening permanently when trod upon repeatedly. The blades’ thickness, weight, and tactile feel mimic living grass to discourage digging.


Artificial Grass Backing


The turf base system also prevents dogs from penetrating through to undermine the installation. Durable backings prevent blades from being pulled out if chewed. Thick latex or polyurethane coatings make it difficult for determined paws to pick through to the foundation. 


The infill plays another key role in preserving the grass’ appearance and performance by enabling rapid drainage. Aside from making the turf look and feel realistic, it weighs down the turf to make it more secure against pet activities.

Evaluating Quality of Materials

We recommend doing your own research before committing to a specific type of pet turf in Sacramento CA. Make sure it:


  • Uses abrasion-resistant grass materials unlikely to fray from paws, claws, or teeth.
  • Has deeply embedded blades resistant to pulling loose.
  • Includes a dense, stabilized backing and latex or polyurethane reinforcement.
  • Contains adequate infill for drainage, stability, and paw comfort.
  • Provides a warranty for at least 8-10 years of residential use.


With higher quality materials made for pet owners, you can have peace of mind that your investment will continue looking pristine despite intensive use by your beloved dogs.

Consider Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass for Your Sacramento Yard

At Sacramento Artificial Grass Experts, one of our specialties is installing durable, high-end dog turf perfect for local families’ yards. We offer free estimates tailored to your landscape and pets’ needs. Our team understands the Sacramento climate and has installed hundreds of resilient lawns that retain their beauty despite rigorous dog use. Contact us today or call us at 866-327-9887 to discuss how realistic artificial grass could be an ideal, worry-free landscape choice with your dogs.

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