Artificial Grass in Sacramento for Backyard Fire Pits: Design and Safety Tips

Artificial Grass in Sacramento for Fire Pits, Design and Safety Tips

Want to create the ultimate fire pit in your backyard? Think twice about using real grass in your landscaping. While a lush, green lawn can really accentuate your fire pit’s hardscapes, it’s also highly flammable. But don’t worry. If your heart is set on your fire pit having a beautiful lawn, why not install artificial grass in Sacramento?

Artificial Grass Is Fire Resistant

Synthetic grass can breathe new life into your fire pit landscape without turning the place into a fire hazard.Artificial grass is made from polyethylene, polypropylene and polyurethane. All of these materials melt when exposed to heat instead of burning. If a synthetic lawn comes into contact with a flame, it won’t cause a wildfire.This makes artificial grass ideal for landscape designs that feature fire pits and other open flame elements, like grills and wood-burning ovens.

Fire Pit Design Ideas Using Artificial Turf in Sacramento

Artificial grass is perfect for fire pit landscaping. Not only is it heat-resistant, but it can also be cut to any shape or size. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of colors and textures that will make your fire pit the envy of all your neighbors.

Enhance your fire pit experience with creative landscaping ideas. Use synthetic grass to:

Spruce Up Your Fire Pit’s Surroundings

You can surround the whole perimeter of your firepit with synthetic grass or just make a circle around where you’ll be sitting. Just make sure there’s plenty of space between your fake lawn and your flames so you won’t have any accidents.

Establish Your Fire Pit’s Borders

Use artificial grass to create a border between your fire pit area and the rest of your yard. It’s durable enough to withstand being trampled on and won’t ignite if embers leap out of the fire. Additionally, it can help contain any loose bits of ash or charcoal that might fall out of the fire pit when you’re cleaning up.

Build a Walkway Leading to Your Fire Pit

This solves the problem of having people walk on dirt or rocks, which can be uncomfortable and leave them with dirty shoes or pants. You can use different colored grasses to create visual interest in an otherwise bland space.

Create Patterns Around Your Fire Pit

If you have a circular fire pit, you can use a combination of gray and green grass to create a “flame” effect around its edges. You can also mix two different types of texture and color for an abstract look. If you’re going for an authentic feel, you can create a ring of fake grass around your fire pit’s edges, then fill them in with real stones or pebbles.

Set Up a Putting Green

Why settle for an ordinary strip when you can turn the surrounding areas of your fire pit into a synthetic putting green? Sure, you can’t play on it while your fire pit is ablaze, but you can certainly enjoy it any other time. Talk about multi-functionality!

Safety Tips When Installing Artificial Grass in Sacramento Near Fire Pits

Excited to transform your fire pit with synthetic grass? Keep these safety tips in mind to make sure your fire pit is as safe as it is stylish:

  • Leave at least 2 feet of space between any part of the fire pit and any part of the artificial grass.
  • Follow all local codes regarding fire pits and the materials used to build them.
  • Make sure your fire pit is at least 10 feet away from any other structures, including the house, fences or sheds.
  • Mock up your design before digging any holes so you know exactly where everything will go.
    Place your fire pit on a hard surface like concrete or stone pavers—not on top of artificial grass.

Perk Up Your Fire Pit With an Artificial Grass Installation in Sacramento

And that’s it! You’re ready to make your fire pit into the center of your outdoor space.

Of course, if you need help along the way, we’re always ready to help here at Sacramento Artificial Grass Experts. We can help you landscape and install the perfect synthetic grass design for your fire pit. Call us today at 866-327-9887 or fill out our contact form!



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