5 Ways Artificial Grass in Sacramento Can Prevent Pet Injury in Lawns

How Artificial Grass in Sacramento Keeps Your Pets Safe From Harm

Your pets are like members of the family, and you want what’s best for them. Growing grass in your backyard may seem like a great idea as it can provide your dogs with ample space to play and exercise. However, it can hide a lot of dangers that can harm your pets. Artificial grass in Sacramento offers all the pet-friendly benefits of natural grass for pets minus the latter’s hidden hazards.

How Natural Lawns Can Hurt Pets

Claws Can Get Caught in Natural Grass

A healthy lawn is thick with fibrous roots. This prevents animals from ripping it up easily. That’s great for the lawn, but if your dog walks through it, its claws can get caught in the grass and tear off painfully.

Sharp Thorns, Burrs, and Grass Seeds

Thorns, burrs, grass seeds and other prickly objects are common in natural lawns. These can prick your dog’s skin if it comes in contact with them, which isn’t only painful, but could also lead to infection or other problems if left untreated.

Rocks and Rough Surfaces

Rough surfaces can cut up your dog’s paws if it walks or plays on them for too long. The edges of natural lawns are often sharp and bumpy, with protruding rocks that can cause injury if your dog steps on them wrong.

Natural Lawns Radiate Heat in Summer

Natural lawns retain heat and reflect it back into the air when hit by direct sunlight. This can cause dogs to overheat or even suffer from heatstroke in the summer months.

Toxic Lawn Chemicals

Pesticides, weedicides, fertilizers and other chemicals can be harmful if ingested or absorbed through the skin by a pet. They can remain in your pet’s system long after application, which can lead to major health problems down the line.

Dangerous Bacteria in the Turf, Soil and Mud

When dogs use grass as a restroom, they come into contact with bacteria-laden soil.  This can lead to infections of the bladder or kidneys.

5 Ways Synthetic Turf Keeps Pets Safe From Harm

Offers a Soft, Smooth and Stable Surface

Rough terrain is another source of injury for pets. Unfortunately, they have weak joints or mobility issues (as older pets often do.) It can include hard grass or mud holes that can result in skin irritation.

Artificial turf in Sacramento offers a smooth surface that’s easy on paws, joints and bones, so it’s easier for all pets to walk on without getting hurt.

Remains Cooler Than Grass and Pavement Under the Sun

Outdoor temperature can mean all the difference between an enjoyable walk and a painful one for your dog’s delicate paws.

Artificial turf stays cool in direct sunlight because it doesn’t absorb heat like concrete or natural grass does. This means that if you have artificial grass installed in your backyard, you won’t have to worry about limiting your pet’s playtime in order to avoid paw burns.

Curbs Digging Habits

Dogs can be relentless diggers. This can be dangerous for them because it puts them in direct contact with animals, like gophers or snakes, that might injure them. It also gives them access to roots, rocks and other debris that could cut their paws.

Artificial turf prevents digging because it has no loose soil underneath — dogs will quickly learn that there isn’t anything beneath the grassy surface for them to excavate.

Doesn’t Get Slippery When Wet

Artificial grass in Sacramento doesn’t get slippery in the rain like natural grass. This makes it easier for dogs to run and play outdoors without slipping or getting hurt. Feel free to let your pets play in the rain!

Also, since synthetic turf has a consistent surface, it doesn’t hide tripping hazards that can injure your pets.

Eliminates the Need for Chemicals

The chemicals used to keep grass looking green and weed-free are known to cause problems for pets, from skin irritations and burning paws to internal issues requiring veterinary care.

Artificial grass does not require these chemicals to remain healthy. It will stay as beautiful as the day of its installation with minimal maintenance.

Keep Your Lawn Free of Pet Health Hazards With an Artificial Grass Installation in Sacramento

Synthetic grass is perfect for pets and pet owners. The durable turf doesn’t tear or wear out when dogs and cats play rough, and it allows pets to get plenty of exercise without coming to harm or destroying the lawn. So don’t think twice about using it for your own backyard.

Here at Sacramento Artificial Grass Experts, we have everything you need to turn your backyard into a lush, green haven for your dogs, from pet-friendly synthetic turf to professional installation. Call us now at 866-327-9887 or contact us online, and let’s talk about your project!

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