5 Exciting Group Games to Play on a Synthetic Putting Green Installation in Sacramento

5 Fun Games to Play on a Putting Green Installation in Sacramento With Your Friends

The best part about having a putting green installation in Sacramento is the versatility. You can play multiple games on synthetic turf and you can play them in a variety of ways. Here are five games you can play with your family and friends in a backyard putting green:

Bocce ball

Bocce ball is an ancient game that’s still popular today. It involves throwing balls at a target ball called the Pallino. Teams receive points based on how close their balls are to the Pallino.

Bocce ball is usually played on dirt or grass, but now many people play it on artificial turf—and with good reason. Synthetic grass, especially those designed for golf, doesn’t bend or break when bocce balls roll on it.


Hopscotch is a great group game that doesn’t just help develop important movement and coordination skills. It also provides a great workout!

Parking lots, sidewalks and other hardscapes are typically the settings for this game, but you can also play it on a putting green installation in Sacramento. It’s large enough for everyone to have plenty of room to play and it’s soft, even surface will keep players from getting hurt if they fall down.


Croquet is a great lawn game that you and your friends can play on your backyard putting green. It requires at least two mallets and a set of wickets. A wicket is a metal hoop that is pushed down into the ground.

To play the game, start by hitting the ball through the first wicket and continue to hit it through all of the other wickets until you reach the final one. A synthetic putting green is ideal for this game because it offers excellent ball roll quality.


If you’re looking for a game that’s easy enough for anyone and everyone to play, look no further than cornhole. This classic game involves tossing bean bags into hole-tipped boards from across the lawn.

A backyard putting green is perfect for cornhole because it’s flat and its grass is always short. That means you can be sure that the board you place on top of it is on an even surface, which levels the playing field.


This classic game is easy for anyone to pick up and fun to play. You’ll need two stakes or other targets (you can make them yourself) and two horseshoes per player. Take turns tossing the shoes toward the target, aiming to either land them over the target or close enough that they will hook around it.

Horseshoes are hefty, but don’t worry. Artificial grass in Sacramento can withstand their weight without taking damage. While its fibers can bend or become matted, that’s nothing a quick brushup can’t fix.


Also known as “Viking chess,” Kubb is a Swedish game that’s fun for kids and adults alike. To play, you’ll just need to make a line in the turf on either side of your green. Each team gets six wooden blocks, which work as offense and defense pieces, one king piece and six throwing sticks.

A synthetic putting green can take the impact of falling sticks and blocks well. Unlike a natural lawn, it won’t develop bald spots or patchy areas due to the wear and tear from the game. Do you have pets? If so, all the more reason to invest in a backyard putting green. Synthetic turf is safe for pets, so you can let your furry friends join in with the fun!

The Fun Never Ends on an Artificial Turf Installation in Sacramento

An artificial putting green is tough and can take foot traffic without wearing out, so you don’t have to limit its use to tee time. Invite your family and friends over and play these exciting group games!

To ensure your putting green is always game-ready, let Sacramento Artificial Grass Experts handle its installation. We use only premium synthetic turf to make sure your green can last up to 10 years or more. Tell us about other ways you want to enjoy your turf installation and we’ll make sure your backyard green can adapt to them.

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